300 x 600 hazardous Self Stick Tactile Pad

300 x 600 hazardous Self Stick Tactile Pad


Colours available: Yellow, Black, Grey, Terracotta & Ivory


Technical Data

  • Code: T19
  • Type: Warning tactile
  • Material: Polyurethane
    1. Density:1390 Kg/m³
    2.Heat Transfer Coefficient: 0.16W/(m.K)
    3.Melting Point: 250°C
    4.Effective Head of Combustion: 17.95
    5.Tensile Strength: 50-80MPa
    6.Elongation at break: 20-40%
    7.Notch Test: 2-5 Kj/m²
    8.Young’s Modulus: 2900-3300 Mpa
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 600mm x 2mm pad plus 5mm tactile height = 7mm total
  • Slip Rating: P5 (test report available on request)


  • The pads are self-adhesive
  • Screw fixing through the pads can be undertaken. Special coloured screws are available upon request.


  • Colours available: Yellow, black, grey, terracotta & ivory
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Minimal down time – can be walked on immediately
  • Suitable for concrete ,timber, vinyl and all smooth hard floor surfaces
  • Enhanced bonding technique – Floorsafe surface primer is supplied with all orders
  • UV stable (please note grey and terracotta will fade in direct sunlight)
  • 5 year product warranty under normal conditions